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Fame Banquet Update

A fabulous catered dinner, silent auction items, and a way to partner with FAME’s partner mission, World Wide Hispanic Outreach (WWHO) made this a very special evening for the 230 people that attended the event. Among those in attendance, was Dr. Esly Fuentes, Medical Director of WWHO. Thank you to all who came to the event and who helped support this great mission. Thanks also to Dr. John Caldwell for being our guest speaker and delivering a wonderful message. Because of our wonderful donors we are able to send over $40,000 for the new mission hospital.

Dr. Esly and Dr. Sandy Fuentes take care of many in several communities while sharing the great news of Jesus. The hospital will be a great addition to serve and impact many lives in these same areas.

“I believe each patient that walks through our door is searching for physical healing. As we gain their trust, we share the real meaning of being healthy which is having abundant life in our Lord Jesus. Our life on this earth is so short compared to our eternity and once each of our patients understands this they can make better choices in life and impact their own life and the lives of their friends and family.” - Dr. Esly Fuentes


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