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Stronger Together

From the Mountains of Mexico to the barrios of Colombia, partnership brings the gospel closer to some of the poorest people. Not long ago a FAME short-term medical and health education trip to Colombia included a pair of unlikely team members. The team was hoping to serve 500 people in Barranquilla, Colombia at the location of the future Community Health Center and saw over 800 individuals. Part of the team was strengthened by 2 Medical Doctors from a Partner ministry in Mexico! Did you catch that? FAME is partnering with a Husband and Wife Medical team in Mexico to support their clinics and the construction of a New Hospital – but THEY took time to strengthen the team in Colombia barrios! In the 50 years of FAME, it has become starkly apparent that places of poverty and great need are often places without Jesus.
It has become additionally consistent that those same places have no access to healthcare, so hearts are opened because of the compassionate care of people who love Jesus. FAME partners can go where other traditional evangelism methods cannot go!Being a Global leader in Partnership through Medical Evangelism is a core value that is acted upon continually by your FAME partners around the world. Just this week, over 5000 people heard the gospel because of partnership!We are grateful for global partners who make us all Stronger Together! We are grateful for YOU and YOUR PARTNERSHIP too! When we lift together, we are stronger! Blessings,Bill Warren Executive Director


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